Organic Materials

Natural Latex

Latex is the amazing inner core of our finest mattress. The latex we use comes from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. The trees are tapped like maple trees, and the rubbery substance flows into an attached bucket. Because the latex is processed without chemicals, and no chemicals are added, the latex in our mattresses is 100 percent pure, natural latex.

Latex is firm, yet soft. It provides a beautiful support for the sleeping body, allowing for a deep and restful sleep without the use of innerspring coils. Unlike metal coils or synthetic materials, which wear down and lose their shape over time, latex is an enduring substance that can retain its shape and ability to support the human body for many years. There are folks who still swear by their natural latex mattresses after 20 years.

While synthetic latex is usually flammable, our natural latex is inherently flame retardant without chemical additives. This factor—combined with its natural resistance to mites, mildew and mold—makes natural latex the perfect material for a nontoxic mattress.

Pure Grow Wool

Wool is an excellent cushioning material because of its natural resiliency and springiness. While the average cotton fiber can withstand 4000 bends before breaking, the average wool fiber can withstand 40,000. This is one reason we use wool for our delightfully soft mattress toppers and most of our pillows.

Because of wool’s remarkable insulation properties, people the world over use it both to stay warm and to keep cool! Wool is a perfect material to have close to your body because of its hollow fibers’ natural ability to wick away moisture. And wool is resistant to mites, mildew and mold.

There is no national certification program for organic wool, but our Pure Grow Wool program is setting the bar for a growing movement toward organically and humanely harvested wool. The program was started as a collaboration between Sonoma State University and ranchers affiliated with Natural Bedroom. The sheep graze on over 200 organic ranches along the Pacific West Coast from San Francisco to Canada. They are given no hormones or other chemicals. They are shorn carefully, and if one is injured and must receive antibiotics, it is transferred to a conventional ranch for three years until the antibiotics are out of its system.

Demand for toxin-free wool has gone up tremendously since the founding of this program, and we hope the standards we have set with our Pure Grow Wool program will be considered in determining future standards by which wool will be certified organic.

FSC Certified Wood

Terramor carries furniture made with FSC-certified, sustainable wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a collaboration of environmental groups and business interests to create a certification program that manages forests to the satisfaction of both. The FSC’s mission is "to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests."

True management and protection of Earth and our environment can only happen in a context that takes economic needs into account, allowing humans to make use of the land and seas while sustaining them for future generations. It is in the alliance of environmental and economic concerns that a successful future lies. [Did you intend to start this sentence with and? Isn't that not allowed?] And the FSC—funded by businesses, governments and environmental organizations—is a testament to that vision.

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