Choosing the Right Bed

Selecting the right sleep system is important if you are to enjoy the best rest possible. Below are some questions to ask yourself when selecting your mattress and bedding:

Do you sleep on your back, your side or your stomach?

Back and stomach sleepers generally are more comfortable on a flatter and harder mattress. Side sleepers usually require a softer mattress to allow the hips and shoulders to sink in. The softer mattress rises to support the side, keeping the spine straight.

What is your body type?

Generally people with more curves need a softer, more cushioned mattress, while a firmer mattress is more comfortable for someone with less curvature.

Do you like a flat surface or do you want to feel that the mattress gently holds you?

The latex of our mattresses usually gives a solid, flat feeling. To get the feeling that a mattress gently holds you, consider adding our 1-inch or 3-inch wool topper. You can get the cloud-like comfort without sacrificing support.

What age are you buying for?

Remember that bodies of different ages have different requirements in a mattress. Whereas sleeping on the floor may have been fine when a body was young, the same body at a later date may find a soft mattress more comfortable. Sometimes people developing arthritis mistake the pains for needing a firmer mattress, when really a softer mattress will provide relief.

Ask yourself these questions:

1 How does your body feel compared to 10 years ago? How do you think you will feel in another 10 years? These mattresses have very long life spans, consider what kind of sleep environment you will want not only now, but also down the line.

2 Do you have any old injuries that might require softness or firm support, or both? Talk to our representative about your needs.

3 Do you have problems with pressure points?

Latex mattresses are preferable for people who have sensitive pressure points, because the latex mattress gives uniform support. Conventional spring mattresses give uneven support because each spring is individually pressing up on the sleeper, which can irritate sensitive points on the body. If you have problems with pressure points, you may also consider a softer mattress, or adding the extra cushioning of the 1-inch wool topper or the premium 3-inch wool topper for additional comfort.

Do you sleep hot?

Wool is an excellent insulator and wicks away moisture, making a more comfortable sleeping environment for people who perspire frequently or heavily during the night.

What is your climate like?

Latex and wool are naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and make better choices for hot, humid climates.

Remember that choosing a mattress is a very personal consideration. Nothing can replace trying one of our mattresses. Come in to our Ojai Valley store, where you can lay on our model bed and try for yourself two different levels of firmness in the latex mattress, with or without a wool topper.

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