About Us

Terramor Organic Home seeks to promote a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle by providing the community with information and organic, non-toxic home products.

Terramor is a retail business focusing on bedroom, bathroom and baby products, all made from nontoxic, organic and sustainably harvested materials. We offer a healthy option to consumers who wish to promote not only their own well-being, but the future of planet Earth.

The number of adults and children who suffer from allergies, asthma, sick building syndrome and cancer is growing rapidly. Many of these health problems have been linked with toxic chemicals in the products we use and surround ourselves with everyday.

Common toxins such as fire retardants often pose the greatest threat to the undeveloped systems of children and babies. Some researchers point to home pollution as a leading cause of the massive increase of developmental disorders in recent decades.

Mattresses sold by Terramor are engineered to be resistant to fire without the need for synthetic chemical additives. This is just one example of the healthy products that Terramor provides for individuals, families and businesses seeking to create a nontoxic environment.

Community Involvement

Charys Saylor founded Terramor in her home in 2003. In late 2006, Terramor’s retail location opened on El Roblar St. in Meiners Oaks, California. The Web retail business started in 2007. The community has welcomed us warmly with an an outpouring of support from families, individuals and businesses who share our passion.

We are becoming a networking point for anyone interested in green building and homemaking, both online and on land. At our store, not only are our own products available, but contact information can be found for a wide range of contractors, advisors and retailers who can help to create a healthy home or office.

Over time we plan on organizing additional community-building activities, including classes and workshops.

One percent of Terramor’s profits are donated to nonprofit organizations that work for the well-being of children and the environment, locally and internationally.

The People Behind the Mission

Charys R. Saylor, Founder

Charys founded Terramor as a testament to her passion and commitment to building a healthy world. She still works full time as a supervisor in the Children's Services department for the County of Ventura, managing Terramor as her "second full-time job." Through her work in caring for the children of Ventura County, she has learned the value of a healthy home from years of hands-on experience with damaged children. For Charys, it is a dream come true to be "saving the world, one bed at a time."

Ashton Saylor

Charys Saylor's son deeply admires his mother's vision, will and tenacity in building Terramor, and contributes whenever he can. For the moment, that means helping out with the website.

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